University Alliance Ruhr

The UA Ruhr universities have joined forces in order to boost their capacity and performance by bundling their competencies and strengths. Their corporate philosophy is to balance competition and collaboration in a manner that benefits all members.


Nils Köbis researches the influence of AI on ethical behavior at the Research Center for Trustworthy Data Science and Security

From childhood, we learn what is good and what is bad through our parents and social environment. The social exchange via AI-controlled software is currently becoming increasingly influential. But are the norms of ethical behavior integrated into the algorithms? Prof. Dr. Nils Köbis is researching this at the Research Center for Trustworthy Data Science and Security.


Safer Spaces for Jewish students

Mutual empowerment and support: This is the aim of a safer space program for Jewish students at the universities of the University Alliance Ruhr. The next event will take place on May 21.


Exciting events at the College in May

In May, the College for Social Sciences and Humanities will be hosting exciting events on the topics of "Performing Waste" and "Digital Ecosystems for Social Innovation". Members of the UA Ruhr can take part and registration is still open.


Ecotoxicologist Professor Ralf B. Schäfer strengthens water research

Top-class expertise for the Research Center One Health Ruhr of the Research Alliance and the Excellence Strategy: environmental scientist Prof. Dr. Ralf B. Schäfer has accepted an appointment at the University of Duisburg-Essen.


Anna Isaeva investigates the chemistry of quantum materials at the Research Center Future Energy Materials and Systems

With Prof. Anna Isaeva, the UA Ruhr has gained an internationally experienced expert in the field of quantum materials for its Research Center Future Energy Materials and Systems. In April, she took up the “Quantum Materials” professorship at the Department of Physics at TU Dortmund University.

About UA Ruhr

Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), TU Dortmund University and the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) have maintained a strategic collaboration within the University Alliance Ruhr since 2007. With more than 110,000 students and almost 14,000 researchers, the UA Ruhr is one of the largest and best-performing academic hubs in Germany. The UA Ruhr stands for innovation, excellence and active partnership in research. Together we are shaping the future!

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Research Alliance Ruhr

The UA Ruhr’s top-level international research on pressing issues of the future has been consolidated under the umbrella of the Research Alliance Ruhr since 2021. With four research centers and a college for social sciences and humanities, the Research Alliance is a beacon within the knowledge metropolis Ruhr and serves as an attractive research environment for outstanding scholars.

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Research Academy Ruhr

In the Research Academy Ruhr, RUB, UDE and TU Dortmund University have combined their extensive programs for supporting early career researchers since 2017. The more than 10,000 young researchers within the UA Ruhr are supported through transferable skills qualification opportunities and benefit from a diverse range of networking options throughout their career path.

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International network

The UA Ruhr universities cooperate with universities and research institutes around the globe. In order to expand their international relations, the three universities set up their first joint liaison office in New York as early as in 2004. A wealth of programs promote international exchange, while the number of degree courses taught in English is also rising.

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Excellent together

The UA Ruhr will enter the Excellence Strategy competition with four full proposals for Clusters of Excellence in August 2024. The RESOLV cluster receives further impetus for continuing research on solvents through the Research Center Chemical Sciences and Sustainability, while the Research Center Trustworthy Data Science and Security strengthens the CASA cluster in the field of cybersecurity. The Research Center One Health Ruhr won favor with its REASONS draft proposal on water ecology. Furthermore, a draft proposal from the field of particular physics is still in the contest. The aim of the UA Ruhr is to be “excellent together as an alliance”.

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Resolv C Km-rub

Cluster of Excellence RESOLV

Most chemical reactions, important industrial processes and almost all biological processes take place in the liquid phase. The team of the Ruhr Explores Solvation (RESOLV) Cluster of Excellence strives to understand the role solvents play in controlling, mediating and regulating chemical reactions. More than 200 researchers from chemistry, physics and engineering collaborate to achieve this.

Casa C Km-rub

Cluster of Excellence CASA

Nowadays, many cyberattacks on organizations or critical infrastructure are carried out by large-scale attackers and, in particular, by public or semi-public organizations. The focus of the Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries (CASA) Cluster of Excellence is on effective countermeasures. Its research is based on an interdisciplinary approach combining computer science, mathematics, engineering and psychology.


Together with the Stiftung Mercator, the UA Ruhr provides funding for joint research projects in the form of MERCUR grants. The Mercator Research Center Ruhr (MERCUR) has been supporting our unique cooperation since 2010 and has already made €60 million available for collaborative research projects, which have formed the basis for our current cutting-edge research in the Research Alliance and the Clusters of Excellence.

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