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22. 03. 2024

Senior Fellows Start Research Stays at College for Social Sciences and Humanities

The first international Senior Fellows have begun their research stays at the College for Social Sciences and Humanities of the UA Ruhr in the beginning of March. Their reception marks the official start of the international Senior Fellowship Programme, admitting up to 20 visiting researchers per year.

The College for Social Sciences and Humanities welcomed eight of the renowned international researchers, who were selected for the international Senior Fellowship Programme, on a Welcome Day on 11th March. Two more will follow in April. The professors come to the University Alliance Ruhr from universities in Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, Poland, Turkey, and the USA. In collaboration with their tandem partners from Ruhr University Bochum, TU Dortmund University, and University of Duisburg-Essen, the Senior Fellows are working on independent research projects over the course of the summer term 2024, leading to publications, events, and further projects. Director Prof. Julika Griem emphasises: ”We are looking forward to the many enriching stimuli that we expect our Fellows will introduce to the humanities and social sciences within the UA Ruhr through their research focuses. We can learn from their valuable experience in other academic systems. The tandem collaborations will foster sustainable international research partnerships.“

The spectrum of disciplines among all current Fellows encompasses literary, cultural and media studies, performative studies, history, political science, educational science and sociology, and economics – accordingly, the research topics are highly diverse. In a weekly colloquium, the researchers have the opportunity for interdisciplinary discussion of the projects, hearing different scholarly perspectives and identifying intersections. Moreover, the Fellows will organise academic events such as workshops and give guest lectures, partly within seminars – this way, students benefit from their expertise as well.

The picture shows the Senior Fellows in the summer semester 2024.
The picture shows the Senior Fellows in the summer semester 2024.
© Melina Wachtling/College UA Ruhr

Next Call for Applications in April
In September, the second group of selected scholars will begin their fellowships. The next call for applications for Senior Fellowships in the academic year 2025/26 is planned for mid-April. Detailed information will be available shortly on the College’s new website. The College invites experienced researchers of the UA Ruhr to support applications of eligible candidates.

About the International Senior Fellowship Programme
The Senior Fellowship Programme offers international researchers with an excellent research profile in the social sciences and humanities the opportunity of conducting research at the UA Ruhr. In a yearly selection process, up to ten fellowships per semester are granted. Through the programme, the College aims to enhance international networks in high-profile research of the UA Ruhr in the humanities and social sciences. During their residencies, the visiting scholars have their own workspaces at the College.

About the College for Social Sciences and Humanities
The College for Social Sciences and Humanities was instituted in 2021 as part of the Research Alliance Ruhr under the umbrella of the UA Ruhr. Apart from the Senior Fellowship Programme, interdisciplinary professorships and research groups are currently being established. As an Institute for Advanced Study, the College facilitates innovative research and stimulates interdisciplinary and international collaboration. The facilities in Essen city centre are well-appointed for hosting various types of academic events.

The picture shows the Senior Fellows in summer semester 2024 (left to right): Prof. Douglas Wegner (Brazil), Prof. Erdem Özgür (Turkey), Prof. Sule E. Egya (Nigeria), Prof. Małgorzata Sugiera (Poland), Prof. Stephen Brown (Canada), Asst. Prof. Marta García Morcillo (UK), Prof. Peter Woelert (Australia); missing in this picture: Prof. Manuel Souto-Otero (UK), Prof. Mila Ganeva (USA), Assoc. Prof. Christina Vagt (USA).