The UA Ruhr ensures that everyone can enter the degree program to which they are best suited: its range of disciplines includes all humanities, arts and social sciences, natural sciences and medicine, as well as engineering sciences. Within the UA Ruhr, students are offered almost unlimited options of combining the subjects of their choice.

Joint degree programs

Since the winter semester 2013/14, the UA Ruhr has been offering joint Master’s degree programs, thus providing additional specialization options. Four degree programs have been established to date:

Master's degree Biodiversity

In collaboration with the University of Duisburg-Essen, Ruhr University Bochum has established the innovative, research-focused Master’s degree Biodiversity since the winter semester 2013/14. Research groups headed by twelve professors cover the entire range of topics in modern biodiversity research. Thus, students pursuing a Master’s degree have a wealth of research and specialization options to choose from.

Master's degree Medical Physics

In collaboration with Ruhr University Bochum, TU Dortmund University has established the joint Master’s degree Medical Physics since the winter semester 2014/15, in order to bundle the training and research activities and to cover a broad range of medical physics topics. With its breadth and width of expertise, the Master’s degree program is unique in Germany. Its main objective is to enable physicists with medical competencies to assume technological and human responsibility at the intersection between medicine and physics.

Master's degree Empirical Multilingualism Research

Within the UA Ruhr alliance, Ruhr University Bochum and TU University Dortmund have launched the master’s degree programme “Empirical Multilingualism Research”, which commences in the academic year 2018/19. The participating institutions offer a wide range of specialisation options to holders of BA degrees in linguistic and philological subjects. The programme has a unique focus on research methods in the field of linguistic multilingualism research.

Master's degree Econometrics

Econometrics is a four-semester, English-language master’s program established by TU Dortmund University, Ruhr University Bochum and the University of Duisburg-Essen – the first degree program to be run jointly by all three UA Ruhr universities and commences in winter 2019. The program combines the expertise and breadth of the three participating economics faculties in empirical economic research and economics with the methodically oriented training of the statisticians and econometricians at Germany’s only Faculty of Statistics in Dortmund. This bundling of educational and research competence enables a curriculum tailored for quantitatively oriented students who seek specialisation in econometrics and applied economic research.