The University Alliance Ruhr is committed to a research landscape that reflects diversity and gender equality as a representation of our diverse society and a contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge and innovation.

Joint Diversity Strategy of the University Alliance Ruhr

The University Alliance Ruhr is committed to a research landscape that reflects diversity and gender equality as a representation of our diverse society and a contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge and innovation. Our commitment extends from our individual university communities to the many collaborations between the three universities, and to the newly established Research Alliance Ruhr.

Our joint activities address:
I. the promotion of a diverse research landscape;
II. The promotion of gender and diversity innovations in research activities; and
III. Coordinating existing and all future measures to promote and support diversity.

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I.    Promotion of a diverse research landscape
The UA Ruhr diversity strategy focusses on improving the diverse composition of research groups, and the recruitment and retention of diverse early career researchers in the UA Ruhr science system. Promoting international recruitment is an important pathway for increasing the diversity and gender balance of the science system.
The advancement of research structures and cultures attractive for diverse international and early career researchers is strongly supported by efforts to ensure discrimination- and bias-free research environments.
Efforts to ensure the autonomy of early career researchers will also contribute to the attractiveness of the UA Ruhr for diverse and international early career scholars, and motivate them to remain in the UA Ruhr science system as they advance in their qualifications.
The promotion of the international mobility of all early career researchers connects the experience of more diverse science settings with the advancement of international scientific networks.

II. Gender and diversity innovations in research
The three UA Ruhr universities endeavor to cooperating more closely in their leading research on diversity and gender equality, and to promote diversity and gender research in disciplines where such perspectives have been absent. Current areas of collaboration include gender and diversity in medicine, engineering, computer science, and in natural sciences research with a direct human impact. The aim is to consider how gender and diversity research is relevant across the wide spectrum of disciplines and to promote gender and diversity research in line with the DFG Research-Oriented Equal Opportunities and Diversity Standards.

III. Collaboration in diversity support and development
All three UA Ruhr universities have committed resources to diversity support and anti-discrimination policy. Innovations in several areas are already present at one or the other of the three UA Ruhr universities. We propose to coordinate measures, and to learn from each other, to identify where one of the partners has more experience, and to establish joint and coordinated measures.

Successful equal opportunity policy


The universities affiliated under UA Ruhr provide best opportunities to academics for individual career development. For the successful implementation of equal opportunities strategies, the UA Ruhr universities have been repeatedly awarded in the context of the DFG’s Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality and the Women Professor Program implemented by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Visible proof of a successful equal opportunities policy is the percentage of women academics in all areas of research and teaching, which has been on an upward trajectory at UA Ruhr over the last ten years and has risen to approx. 38%, as well as the percentage of women professors, which has seen the same dynamic growth and currently amounts to approx. 25%.

Equal opportunities at UA Ruhr cover a broad spectrum, apply to all stages of the academic career, and are protected by reliable structures. Together, the UA Ruhr universities have broken new ground: with its mentoring³ program module that has been running for over a decade, the Research Academy Ruhr has become the first personnel development program for women researchers in Germany’s academic landscape under joint responsibility; it is now complemented by the Dual Career Network Ruhr.

Daycare centers, short-term and holiday care, as well as parent service offices support families no matter what their circumstances. Gender Studies established at UA Ruhr offer a broad academic foundation for nurturing equal opportunities and reflecting over social structures and processes with regard to gender aspects.

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