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02. 11. 2023

UA Ruhr researchers involved in three ERC Synergy Grants

With the acquisition of two prestigious ERC Synergy Grants of 2.55 million euros each, researchers from the UDE were able to prevail twice in the international competition. The ERC Synergy Grant 'Archean Park' (UDE) aims to gain insights into life under primordial conditions. The ERC Synergy Grant 'Cultures of the Cryosphere' (KWI) explores how technologies of cooling and freezing have shaped modern societies and what impact this has had.

With a new approach, a Danish-German-Swiss research consortium with participation of RUB researchers in the ERC Synergy Grant "Directed Evolution of Metastable Electrocatalyst Interfaces for Energy Conversion" is systematically searching for catalysts for the energy transition.

Here you can find the detailed press releases

In the ERC Synergy Grant category, the European Research Council ERC funds scientifically groundbreaking projects of established top researchers that cannot be addressed by a single research group alone. The projects funded by the Synergy Grants should have the potential to set global standards. The award can only be won as a team.

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