Research Data Management

The UA Ruhr promotes an open and transparent access to research data as crucial support for excellent and sustainable research as well as for scientific integrity, offering a broad portfolio of services and infrastructure for research data management.

UA Ruhr – strong together in research data management

The UA Ruhr universities aim to generate knowledge, preserve it long term, and make it verifiable and usable for science and society. A significant foundation for generating knowledge and thus new discoveries is the availability and accessibility of research data. Therefore, the UA Ruhr considers the responsible handling of research data as fundamental for achieving high-quality and sustainable research, as well as for upholding scientific integrity. Open and transparent access to research data supports the quality of scientific work and opens up important opportunities for further research. Legal frameworks and ethical considerations are essential for balancing scientific and societal goals.
The UA Ruhr universities have not only firmly established sustainable and open handling of research data in corresponding guidelines, but have also created a framework for efficient Research Data Management (RDM). This includes providing the necessary IT infrastructures and consulting services to support their scientists.

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Under the umbrella of the UA Ruhr, the RDM services of the three universities offer specialized consultations, custom-fit seminars in the UA Ruhr-wide training programme "RDM Curriculum" and RDM-supportive IT infrastructures, in close collaboration between data centres, university libraries, and research funding organizations. Special emphasis is placed on the portfolio of storage and archiving services, the development of which is embedded within the UA Ruhr and can benefit from long-standing collaborations established in consortia across North Rhine-Westphalia.

All RDM services are provided on a collaborative basis and the whole portfolio is accessible and usable for all researchers within the UA Ruhr. The ongoing development of the portfolio consistently addresses disciplinary differentiations, integrating external advancements such as those in the National Research Data Infrastructure. Thus, the UA Ruhr collectively stands for internationally compatible RDM, enabling excellent research.

Shared goals and synergies in RDM